Services for Women

Women can suffer from various medical conditions that are unique to them. These diseases that are unique to women are generally related to the reproductive organs or pregnancy-related problems. Hence, women who are suffering from any such medical condition need special medical attention. 

Right medical centre provides special services for women who are in need of them. We have doctors who are specialized in taking care of problems that are unique to women. 

Some of the services that we generally provide for women are 

Treatment for PCOS and PCOD: PCOS and PCOD are common diseases that many women face. These diseases can cause various other problems including infertility and hence it is important for women to go for PCOS treatment and PCOD problem treatment

Pregnancy care: When a woman is pregnant, they need special care so that they do not face any pregnancy-related problem. If proper pregnancy care has been taken then the child born will be healthier. 

Breast cancer treatment: Breast cancer is another problem that a lot of women face and requires special care. We also have a breast cancer specialist who can provide the right treatment for breast cancer.