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About RMC

Right Medical Centre was established in 2005 by Dr. Nand Gupta and his team which includes Dr. Clemencia Montecillo first Filipino Specialist A Gynecologist and Obstetrician in Sharjah and Dr. Elizabeth John an experienced General Practitioner.

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Patient Reviews

  • Dr. Gupta is a brand ambassador for Right Medical Centre.  His candid smile and subtle humors makes the patients and visitors to his clinic feel happy and satisfied after consultation /treatment.  His support  staff are well qualified and trained to handle cases professionally during his absence.  When I recommended his clinic name to my friends and colleagues for Ortho or ENT or Dental,  all are unanimous that Right Medical Centre is a right choice for them. Best wishes to Dr Gupta and Staff at Right Medical Centre
  • Since I moved to Sharjah in 1993, for me and our family, our  first preference to consult on any illness is Dr. N. K. Gupta, who is supported by a team of professional doctors at Right Medical Centre, previously known as Omran Medical Centre at Abu Shagara, Sharjah.
  • Health is wealth is a known proverb.  Further extension of this proverb, now it is said, “ When we are healthy we chase for wealth………when we become wealthy, we chase for health.”This is true to many residents in UAE  including me, until I met Dr. N.K. Gupta.