A fully equipped laboratory for routine and specialized investigations is functioning in the medical centre and staffed by a team of trained and competent staff evaluated by Ministry of Health, UAE

Clinical laboratories are one of the main and important sections of every medical centre. Right Medical Center is one of the best diagnostic centres with all new upgraded versions of technologies which aid the physician in carrying out the diagnosis and doing the treatment properly.


With the best diagnostic labs, Right Medical Centre is manned by clinical laboratory scientists who are trained to perform various tests on samples of biological specimens 

Collected from patients. Here patients can do all kinds of laboratory tests within budget and get the chance to contact the best physicians under one roof. 

  • Hematology which includes CBC, ESR tests.
  • Clinical chemistry assay which includes Lipid profile, Liver profile, Kidney function test, Electrolyte panel Anemia profile, tests.
  • Endocrinology which includes Thyroid profile, Fertility profile, Bone profile, Vitamin d, insulin assays.
  • Immunology and serology which includes IgE, screening test Hepatitis B VIRUS, HIV, HCV, H.pylori, Influenza virus and Streptococcus antigens.
  • Clinical pathology which includes urine microscopy and stool analysis
Using advanced laboratory information system doctors are able to view the reports online and clients receive their reports via email and fax with rapid turnaround time.